Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who are you and why does this website exist?

    We are Christians of various denominations who work exclusively on a voluntary basis. Sermon-Online is a Christian online library which is freely available to everyone.
  • Can I really download all files from Sermon-Online, burn them on CD / DVD and give them away?

    Unless otherwise noted, all files can be downloaded and given away free of charge.
  • I don't have fast internet access, can I have a CD / DVD sent to me?

    If you do not have fast internet access among your family or friends, we will be happy to help: Please send your request, specifying the delivery address, the desired content and the desired data carrier (audio CD / data CD / DVD) to: [email protected]
  • I can't do anything with MP3 files. Why don't you offer the sermons as text as well?

    We would love to. Most of the sermons have been digitized from cassette. Therefore only MP3 files are available. You can take part in our typing program and help by typing a sermon that the range of sermons in text form increases.
  • How do I get the MP3 files onto my iPod?

    First the desired files have to be saved on the PC. They can then be transferred to the iPod using iTunes.
  • Is there an easy way to download all of an author's available sermons?

    That is possible. To do this, you need an FTP client (for example Cyberduck). Anonymous FTP access (user name: anonymous, password: ftp) is set up on the following servers: